Black feminism IS alive in Durham.  I was so blessed to have Durham be my second official stop! Check out the video below of Doctor Alexis Pauline Gumbs as she takes me on a tour of the Pauli Murray murals (she sits on the board of The Pauli Murray Project)  and talks to me a little about the economic history of Durham.  I learned so much from her and was totally excited about the ways that Durham community members have been working to support each other through creating community livingroom learning spaces, supporting intergenerational community fortifyingphamily practices and figuring out ways to really, tangibly support each other by fundraising and investing  in local alternative economies.  On one of the Pauli Murray murals someone wrote “Can you be part of my community if  I’ve never met you? I hope so”.  I guess that sorta sums up how I feel about Durham. It’s such a sweet phenomenal community that I am so inspired by, even tho, I still have SO many people to meet there and so many stories to hear.

In addition to all of that, Lex was an awesome host and really reminded me of how wonderful it is to invest in a relationship with our ancestors and commit ourselves to really, deeply listening to their guidance. We have such wonderful resources available to us through the voices of the powerful, wise, beautiful and visionary elders that have come before us.   We also talked about what it takes to build community; the trust and values that you need to commit yourself to and everyday ways that we can really, solidly support ourselves by building structures for accountability into our lives, phamilies, communities and other practices.  You can check out some of lex’s work at brokenbeautiful press.

Are you in or around Durham?  Lex and her phenomenal radical mamaz and community caregivers will be hosting a dialogue session in April! Hit me up here if you want to participate or for more info, I’m looking forward to learning more from you ❤