I’m SOOOOO excited to share that I will be sharing info about The New Mythos Tour  and To tell you the Truth/Permission Perfom at two workshops during the Allied Media Conference.

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M/others, Mamaz and Community Care-Givers Unite Through Truth-Telling!

Presenters: Gia Hamilton, Gris Gris Lab; WelfareQUEENS;
Rachel Caballero, La Semilla Childcare Collective; China Martens;
Future Generation & Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind; Kidz Space;
Katina Parker, New Orleans Labor of Love; Maegan “la Mamita Mala” Ortiz, Vivir Latino/Dos Mujeres Media

Facilitator: tk karakashian tunchez, To tell You the Truth/New Mythos Project
INCITE! / To Tell You the Truth
M/others (self-identified single, teen and welfare mamaz), mamaz and community caregivers around the country are telling their truths through zines, blogs, printed media, performance work etc, and using this process of truth-telling to create stronger selves, families and communities. In this 3-part, interactive workshop, we will share practical skills and organizing models, then strategize on how we can support each other year-round through a national network of mamaz and community caregivers. Come share your questions and your knowledge with us!

This session will take place in three one hour parts. Part one is a knowledge fair, showcasing the many incredible projects in the room. Part two is a skill share, giving you a chance to learn some specific truth-telling and organizing techniques, including: zine-making, social media, on-the-go-video-how-to, blogging 101, and building a radical childcare collective. Part three is a strategy session for all us m/other, mamaz & community cargegivers in the room to think, dream, strategize, and envision specific ways we can work together over the next year. We will explore questions like; What do we bring to the tables as mamaz? What support do we need? How can we fortify our national community and our families? How can alternative media-making further our movements and transformations?

This session prioritizes the participation of mothers and community care-givers of color, but is open to all.

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Health is Dignity and Dignity is Resistance: Online and Offline Organizing for Healing Justice

Presenters: CureThis.org, the Rockdove Collective, Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collaborative, JAZZ for Health/Casa de Salud, To Tell You the Truth, and the Community Acupuncture Network.
“Health is dignity and dignity is resistance”: this quote by a healer
in Chiapas, Mexico, reveals the joined struggles of organizing,
health, liberation, and healing. In the U.S., communities are
strengthening existing health justice movements and creating new models
of sustainable healing, healthcare, and collective liberation – both
online and offline. Presenters will share healing justice models–of
varying scales–with the goal of 1) stimulating discussion around
innovative healing and health/care practices in communities around the
country; 2) inspiring participants to share stories and visions of
organizing around healing justice; and 3) fostering strategies to
strengthen participatory online infrastructures to support offline