Last year, I took a tour from Massachusetts to New Mexico and back.  I got an opportunity to meet some fantabulous, ferocious, phenomenal and FUN(NY) sistaz that kept me on my toes, laughing, rejoicing and re/membering that we are ALL working to create these beautiful places we call HOME in innovative, exciting and righteous ways!

When I returned back to my home I went right back into my own role as full-time single-mama, collective worker-owner of an independent bookstore, artist and community organizer.  Even with my best intentions to blog/create/respond and write about all that I learned on the first ever New Mythos Tour, I just didn’t have the time.  Fast forward to today –January- a brand new year and decade!  So many things have happened over these last few months and I know that this tour is a HUGE part of my own small journey. Despite the fact that I didn’t feel like I had the time to catch up on this valuable journey over the last few month, I am writing to share that this year, I am MAKING the time.  I am prioritizing this work, I am opening the door to understanding and honoring all I have to learn from the New Mythos Project and all the beautiful relationships, lessons, wisdoms and connections that I’ve made during this project, and over the last few years.

Some major lessons I’ve already begun to understand is that New Mythos is about;

  • Counter-acting capitalism/ patriarchy and colonialism by making space to actualize support that is based on interdependence, not individualism;
  • Uniting with other creative, spirit-filled sistaz who are committed to liberation, and who use radical, transformative tools in their everyday lives <3;
  • Finding ourselves, and each other, through telling our truth(s), convening, restoring, loving, living-out-loud, re/membering our strength & resilience, and sharing our vulnerabilities; and above all,
  • It’s about M/others and Sistaz investing energy, time, love, innovation, and patience everyday to create cultural shifts within our communities by BEING the BEINGS we know we are meant to be through prioritizing the political work of taking care of ourselves- because we’re valuable, because we deserve to be taken care of, and because we are the only ones who know what we need!

I’m looking forward to spending more time unpacking, unraveling and reflecting on what the New Mythos Tour was about, and sharing with you all what the future of the New Mythos Project is.

With love, gratitude and eternal blessings!