I’m feeling so re-invigorated from meeting, witnessing, and building with all the remarkable peoples on this Make/Shift recLAmation tour!  Talk about a crew of kick-ass truth-telling healing spirits! We are talking about building stronger selves/ healing from our trauma/ making stronger movements/ finding new pathways to creating the worlds we want to live in/ single mama solidarity/ overcoming violence/ and visioning our collective transformation – just to name a few!!!

Check the photos from our first reading @ Echo Park Film Center here on my fb page here on my fb!!!

After our reading last night, I am feeling SOOOO inspired by all the phenomenal people that I got to share time with. SINGLE MAMA SOLIDARITY IS ALIVE AND KICKIN’!!!! No more standing by the sidelines and watching single/teen/welfare mamaz get demonized, criminalized, pathologized and problematized- by both mainstream society AND social justice movements. Across the nation sistaz (and phamilies!) are making big moves.. stay tuned for more info and actions! (clearly, I’m excited!)

This work is SO in-line with the work of the New Mythos – which centers on valuing m/others and community caregivers and their lived experiences, holistic wellness, spirituality and creativity.  It’s so important for us to be building solidarity and LIVING the worlds that we want to see happen!

In other news: I LOVE L.A.  – there are such phenomenal QUEER people holdin’ it down here, from media projects that put media into the hands of young people and elders to make their own sexual education media projects (imMEDIAte justice)  to Sex Educators (cucci) that will come to your house to support your own learning processes to the magic house that I’ve been staying at where queer doula-ing (Chula Doula- Pati Garcia)/ beautiful architecture and art is ALIVE, to the work of the Echo Park Film Center (a coop where you can learn to make media/ rent movies & equipment and watch some independent, grassroots cinema!)- there is TONS to see, learn from and grow with here.

What a lucky mama I am to be able to be here, right now, perfectly. ❤

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